Cryoskin Q&A and My Honest Review

January 25, 2019

  If you’re one of my followers on Instagram you may have seen my stories and posts about Cryoskin. If you have no clue what I am talking about it is a non invasive fat freezing treatment that I have been receiving on my stomach. My fat cells get frozen and they leave my body through my lymphatic system.  Click here if you want more detailed info. I recently asked…


Updated Modish Vee Workout

July 22, 2018

I recently did an Instagram poll to see who was interested in my workout routine and the people have spoken so here is the blog. This blog is an update on my workout routine. As I have become more comfortable in the gym and learned more about my body I have changed up my workout style a bit. Here is my previous workout routine. This was a great…


My Busy Mom Workout Routine

July 12, 2017

People often ask me how do I accomplish working out and maintaining a household? I always tell them I just change up my mindset, I don’t think of working out as an optional part of my day. I think of it as a chore that I must accomplish 3 times a week. I clean my house everyday so dedicating one hour to workout is not a big commitment…


I’m not a “Fit Mom”

April 11, 2017

I do not label myself “fit” or a “fit mom”. Honestly I would probably be a disgrace in the Fit community. I do not have a passion for working out, I only eat healthy as a choice because I actually enjoy the food but offer me brownies, wings or a burger I will not think twice about it I’M EATING IT! I have sloppy form, I don’t push…


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