Bug’s Life

Bug's Life

Bug’s Life: The Cause

February 25, 2019

All I could do was wait for the autopsy report. If it wasn’t for planning her funeral I probably would not have been able to get my mind off the waiting game. Before Bug had passed we were planning her 2nd Birthday party. At that time Pinterest had taken off and I remember being addicted to it. You could find so many DIY invitations and decor. The thing you…

Bug's Life

Bug’s Life: The Next 24 Hours…

February 12, 2019

I did not sleep at all. Everyone kept telling us to get rest but how could I sleep? When 7 am hit I had to call the Cancer clinic to tell them Bug would not be able to make it to her appointment. They asked when a good time would be to reschedule and I said we won’t be rescheduling and she asked me why… my response was…

Bug's Life

Bug’s Life: Saying Goodbye

January 31, 2019

The ride to the hospital felt like a movie dream. We were moving and everything around me was moving but I felt still. When we got to the hospital they took her straight to an emergency room and nurses and doctors rushed in. I was left alone for a moment. Then someone approached me and started asking me questions about her medical history and I told her all…


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