How to Keep Your Young Athlete’s Body Healthy

November 18, 2020

Raising an athlete is more than just driving to practice and attending games. We all want our kids to be their best and continue to learn and grow on the field. With my oldest we have focused on his health physically and mentally. I wanted to write this blog to pass on what we have been doing along our soccer journey.

Chiropractic Care

When he was just 12 he was having knee pains. We just assumed it was growing pains because it was common. It went on for over 6 months and really effected his sport performance. My mother’s intuition just told me it was time to see a chiropractor. I took him to Impact Family Chiropractic. They are neurologically based chiropractic care. It was the best decision we made! After an evaluation we found out at the age of 12 he had the back comparable to a pregnant woman. He has seen Dr Aaron for 3 years now. It has really helped out with his soccer player hips, his sleeping, and digestion.


With chiropractic care comes stretching. You may be thinking we or he could stretch himself but we prefer the experts at StretchLab. The benefits of going to get professionally stretched are improvement in sports performance, increase in motion and flexibility, reduce muscle and joint pain, posture, and stress reduction. They are highly knowledgable in what certain sports can do to the body and they make sure to take care of him in those common areas and they even find places beyond that. We go weekly and they educate him and teach him proper stretching in between appointments so he can maintain on his own.

Leg Compression

For Compression therapy we go to Restore Hyper Wellness. Compression helps him with his soreness but it has many other benefits like increased blood flow and flexibility. He practices 5 days a week and 3X a week its double days, and 2 games almost every weekend. You can imagine all the running he does so his legs are like jelly after Friday. I usually take him on Friday so he can be tip top shape for his games. Restore has a pretty great student discount so if you want to check it out be sure to mention it!

Favorite Products

I like to have peace of mind when he is on the field. Especially playing soccer we have to worry about headers. That is why we use 2nd Skull headbands. 2nd Skull products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact. Every 2nd Skull comes with a thin layer of lightweight XRD®, an extreme impact protection material made from special urethane molecules that are soft and flexible at rest but can momentarily harden under sudden pressure.

Massage Gun

After every practice he stretches and uses the massage gun. It is especially handy on long car trips to soccer games. This is the one we own. I got an affordable one just to test it and my whole family loves it!

This pampering helps him with his mental health, he is confident on the field to take a header and knows that after each week his body will get the recovery it deserves.


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