Adventure, Supporting Local and SAVING!

October 28, 2020

Go Local is an app that helps you save money and support local business. From food, shopping and things to do. I use this app for EVERYTHING and for everyone in my family!

Weekends are made for adventure. With soccer our life is busy and we are traveling all over Austin from field to field. So it requires a bit of creativity when it comes to adventure. Most of the time we are in an unfamiliar area and this mama needs to find a coffee shop before games, kids need to eat after games and my husband the fitness freak needs to stay disciplined with his eating. So adventure to us is cool coffee spots and new places to eat. The app helps me find the best coffee spots, places to eat and my husband gets his meal prep from Bento’s Kitchen so we can stay on track.

On weekends you can imagine it gets pretty pricey to keep up with our needs but Go Local has offers that help us save money anytime we find a new spot for coffee and food and if we want to return to the same spot because we love it so much.

The app is easy to use. The map helps me find local places and it shows me the offers. When I find the right place all I do is arrive, Show them my card and they apply my offers. I have saved so much time and money using the app. Before when we would try to find places to eat it would take so long, we would get frustrated and just eat at the nearest place that did’t satisfy our taste for adventure. The best part is we are supporting discovering new hidden local gems in our own backyard. A membership is $20 a year but if you want to test it out you can click here or use code VANESSA20 and get a 30 day free trial!


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