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May 31, 2020

My Blogging Beginnings

I started my blog 7 years ago. I started with little to no knowledge of what I was doing. At the time I was a working mom of 3 and I wanted to share all the things on how I do it and just the lifestyle of a modern-day mom. 2 years after starting my blog I became a stay at home mom and my niche took a new turn. 

Even after 2 years I still did not know what I was doing. I would write a blog, repost on Facebook, and announce on Instagram that I posted a new blog. And during that time they didn’t have stories so it was just a post on my actual feed with NO HASHTAGS. So I was very amateur. I would post content but get no growth because I was not utilizing the tools for growth because I had no direction. 

The world of blogging is changing daily between algorithms, SEO and new social media platforms. It can get overwhelming to just get started. I recently completed the LadyBossBlogger How To Start A Money Making Blog course. My blog is already monetized but like any career there is always more to learn especially if you want to grow.

This course was like reading a great book you just don’t want to put down. I related to Elaine Rau’s personal story in so many ways and her path was identical to my story on how I decided to start a blog

So from the beginning I was hooked, but the true beauty about this course was the fact that it was a crash course of what took me 7 years to learn on my own. After going to many conferences, blogger mixers, and being a part of blogger Facebook groups I gained more from this course that took me only a week to complete. 

What I Have Learned From The Course

This course is more than just educating you on the tools to starting a blog. It also helps you find your true mission in blogging, how to stay true to yourself and grow in your niche even if you think it is oversaturated. I want to share with you my favorite topics in the course that I learned from and I found the most beneficial for growth.

  • Discover Your “Why”: right now you probably already know your why but this section will take you more in-depth and it gives you the tools to stay true to yourself. I always knew my why when I started blogging but at one point I tried to be and do what the most successful bloggers were doing and lost my why.
  • Set Up Email Marketing Strategy: At the moment I do not have an email marketing strategy but this section not only inspired me it gave me the tools to get started. 
  • Blog Marketing Strategy: Social Media Foundations: Blogging and influencing come hand in hand but we tend to be more successful on one platform and it is difficult to be successful in another platform. This section gives you a breakdown on how to do it all. Particularly my favorite section is Pinterest. I recently started using it more and saw an increase in traffic. This section gave me the reason why Pinterest brings more traffic and how to continue the traffic. 
  • SEO Best Practices: SEO is scary. Haha I have read many books and it has been hard to really grasp until I read this breakdown.
  • Understand The Legal Aspects: This is very important for so many reasons. I remember my first paid blog post. I had so many questions as to if I was doing it the “right way” I used google and read so many legal documents. Having this breakdown helped me get a better understanding of the legal side and I am now more confident.

Not a week goes by that someone does not seek advice from me on how to start a blog. I try to be helpful but sometimes I do not have all the answers. But now after taking this course my new advice to those people would be to enroll in the LadyBossBlogger How To Start A Money Making Blog. If I would start a blog today this is where I would start.

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