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April 10, 2020

My kindergartener is in the dual language program at his school. 90% is taught in spanish. When I heard school could be cancelled til the end of the year I panicked a bit because he has learned so much and we do not speak spanish in our home. Our teacher has been amazing in giving us some great virtual learning tools but this is only a small fraction of the day compared to what he was doing in class. I started looking into resources so he could continue to learn the language that would be budget friendly and I am going to share those with you 

PS I have only spent $10.

  • Rosetta Stone right now Rosetta Stone is offering 3 months free for students. No credit card info necessary. When I took spanish in grade school we used Rosetta Stone and loved it! I recommend using a touchscreen laptop or Ipad. There is an app which makes it super easy!
  •  Watch their favorite movie in espanol. I have actually been doing this for years. Thank goodness that you can switch the languages on Blu Rays, Netflix, Disney+  etc… I pick movies they have seen a bunch of times and practically memorize. The more they hear the language the better their minds can learn the fluency. I find this is more effective than youtube because it’s on in the background even if he is not paying attention. With youtube he has the option to change the video.
  • Phone a friend Conversing in spanish has helped him better understand and practice. I have friends who speak spanish so I take complete advantage of that and they are happy to help. I will facetime them and Adan will have a quick 5 minute conversation. 
  • Spanish Bingo! This is the one I ordered from Amazon. It was only $10 but I am sure you could make your own. We usually play this as a family and my 4 year old is learning as well. 

I hope these resources are able to help you through this unusual journey. Even if your children are not in dual language and you would like to expose them I think these resources would be fun and beneficial.


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