Navigating Family Life Through Covid-19

April 5, 2020

Im going to be real honest. When I first heard “Coronavirus” I just assumed it was another flu and it wouldn’t effect us. I know VERY insensitive. I remember H1N1 being a “big deal” and I assumed it would be the same. Since my husband first heard, he has taken it very seriously even when I did not. He would ask me to go on what I would call silly trips to prepare for this and I thought he was exaggerating but I would do it anyways without expressing my opinion on the situation. I AM GLAD I DID! If it wasn’t for him we would prob be struggling mentally. So First Lesson always support your spouse even through “silly” ideas LOL


We have living essentials and mental health essentials. When preparing we knew my husband needed a home gym. It is his therapy. He purchased some items from Dick’s, Amazon and collected items he gave to our neighbors from his old garage gym. We are lucky to have awesome neighbors. So now we have a garage gym again. I knew the kids would be home so I made sure to pick up workbooks, board games, S.T.E.M. games and art supplies. I signed my teenager up for driver’s ed so he had something to accomplish during this time. For myself I treated myself to a new patio set, stocked up on books and so much wine hahaha!


The kids have been 3 weeks off of school. They will finally begin e-learning on April 6. I knew I wanted to keep them on schedule and to be productive during this time so I set up a schedule. At first I was anti schedule but I realized my days were longer when we would just go with the flow. Now I jam pack activities for 4 hours and we get to do whatever the rest of the day like binge watching. Here is the schedule I set up for my littles and the teenager.

I make the teenager wake up early every Wednesday to mow the lawns. We feel this is an important skill to have so when he gets his own home he knows how to do these things and take pride. Or we may scar him and he will just have turf and cement lol. Have we been on schedule everyday? No, I have been going off my mood and the kids’ mood. It all gets done but I may let them sleep in for an extra hour. This gives me, me time and a chance for me to work. With school starting up again I will keep the same schedule just sub bookwork for school. My plan during this time is just to create healthy study habits, ignite creativity, and make sure they are staying physically active.

What about soccer?

The boys’ club has given them trainings and daily challenges. We record them and send them to the coaches. Im glad the boys are given the tools to continue to practice and progress in the sport they love.

Evening Routine

Our evenings are basically the same everyday haha Husband gets home about 4:30 pm. He works in a cancer clinic so it is very important we protect ourselves for the patients and that he does what he can to not bring anything home. When he get’s home he changes right away then he goes to the garage to work out. Work has been crazy and this is why he needed the garage gym. Usually during this time the kids hang with him and I make dinner. By the time I am done they are done. We eat together as a family and discuss our day. We go around the table and share our favorite part of the day and the worst part and how we got over the worst part. During this time we want to teach our kids how to discuss our feelings, how we solve our mental problems and listen to others to understand a different person’s perspective. Every Friday we have been ordering take out from our favorite small local restaurants. Since we are blessed my husband is an essential we thought this would be a great way to give back.

This situation has grown us closer as a family and has given us the opportunity to slow down and find new hobbies and get back to doing the things we enjoy doing.


Before the madness of Corona I started a part time job. I am working for a boutique owner basically as a social media manager and assistant. Since it is local and small my hours were cut in half. It is something I enjoy and not a necessity for income. It is just a bummer I am unable to do more creatively. My biggest challenge right now is having to entertain and play teacher to my kids. I say play teacher because I can not do what teachers do academically for my kids. I always appreciated teachers but now I have a new level of respect and appreciation. Adan my kinder is very intelligent. I do not worry about being behind in core classes but he has been in dual language and his class is taught primarily in spanish. Him not being able to practice conversation is something I am struggling with because he has learned so much. My children are pretty well behaved but hearing mom every 2 minutes is very exhausting especially for 3 weeks straight. Entertaining my teenager is something I have not figured out nor do I think I can find a balance. His days consisted of friends and soccer. The only hang out for him with friends is xbox. I hate that he is in his room playing video games most of the day but on the other hand I am glad he is able to virtually have fun with friends. My husband and I have had no one on one time. We are not complaining but it is something I miss.

So here we are 3 weeks into social distancing and 2 weeks into shelter in place. Since Social Distancing order came in effect we decided to shelter in place so 3 weeks of the stay home, stay safe life. We have been making the best and enjoying each other. Sure there are some low points but they are just temporary adjustments and with or without shelter in place there will never be a perfect balance. Stay positive, Stay Safe and Stay home


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