How I Keep our Family on Track

January 17, 2020

I’m 31, married with 4 kids and 2 are in soccer. I mean HARDCORE soccer lol. My husband and I have a few hobbies which are essentially business’ so you can imagine how hard it is to stay on track, manage our schedules and make sure everyone knows what we have going on. I have developed a system that works for my family so I don’t have to hear  “I didn’t know that was today!” Or “what do we have going on today?” And if they do I can just say “check the calendar!” So this blog I am going to share with you my system and how I take advantage of today’s technology. 

Write it down!

Writing it down helps me remember so I have a planner. My favorite is the Erin Condren. I can get a monthly and a daily visual. I love this particular store because they offer so many accessories which makes it easy to personalize. Any planner or if you are a white board calendar person that will definitely help as well

Type it out!

I use google calendar and I have several different calendar categories. Bills, family and business. It’s all color coded. I have separate categories so it doesn’t look overwhelming if you are searching for a type of event. I share each calendar with my husband so he can look at all the deadlines and events we have going on. I made sure he downloaded the app so he has no excuse. The best part is that I have it linked to Alexa. Which leads me to…

Alexa, what’s on my schedule today

I was skeptical but I now love Alexa. She turns my Tv on and off when I can’t find the remote or it’s too far 😂 As I mentioned above she is linked to my google calendar. The littles also enjoy Alexa so you can often hear them yell “HEY ALEXA WHAT AM I DOING TODAY” and she gets the gist. I also get a reminder 30 mins before an event so I know when to leave or the deadline is coming up. In our kitchen we have the Echo Show. My family is able to see the daily calendar, weather for the day and it notifies me when a shipment comes in so that is a plus hahaha! You can use any voice command system you like. Before Alexa we had Google Nest and it was just as good. We just upgraded and got good pricing 😊

I make sure everyone has the resources to know what is going on so they can all be prepared for the day and or days coming up. If you are a busy family and everyone seems clueless on what is going on I hope this helps you get your family on track and you no longer have to repeat yourself 😂


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