Saving With The Joaquins

September 23, 2019


Before the Kardashians we were keeping up with the Jones’ either way it is expensive to keep up with any of them and to be honest I would rather save than “keep up”. In my real world I am not asked how much something I bought costs but how do I save with 3 kids, 2 business and 1 steady income. I not only get asked by other stay at home moms, working moms, women who are not sure they want a family or people who just do not know how to save. So I am ready to spill the secrets. Let’s call this “Saving with the Joaquins” 

To understand how I save you need to know my spending habits so I am going to give you a mini breakdown. Below are my monthly expenses

  • Mortgage and utilities $1,300
  • Car payment and insurance $400
  • Phone and internet $300
  • Soccer $200Groceries $440
  • Gas $140

Now with kids there is always a wrench thrown in the mix that will throw your finances off. With soccer comes new cleats almost every season because growing feet, games and tournaments which means travel. With travel comes more gas, more food expenses and hotel. With school comes the unlimited need of school supplies and resources like a new laptop, calculators, replacing lost pencils, tutors and I can go on and on. 

I don’t even know where to begin with business expenses because they are endless! Marketing, supplies, inventory, shipping, this list is also endless… It eventually pays for itself and the income is not steady. It is a financial sacrifice. 
So now to the good part HOW DO I SAVE? Well spending is my secret to saving. Yes you read that right! I have the The Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account by Green Dot! Green Dot pays me unlimited 3% cash back for the online purchases I’m already making. Which helps me save for my kids’ college fund and rainy day emergencies. AND with the Green Dot Bank High Yield Savings Account (free with the Green Dot app) I earn 3% APY on all the money I have been saving. While I am spending now I am able to save for my child’s future because they are #worthsavingfor


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