Tips for Balancing a Family, Marriage and Work while Building Business’

May 8, 2019

We live a very busy life. Anthony works full time, has his clothing, and runs a small screen printing business for other small business’ and I run the day to day family operations, handle all the back end stuff for his business, my blog and starting my own business. While we have a teenager in select soccer, 5 year old and 3 year year old in the house we still manage to work out, spend time together, as a family and have a social life outside of family AND we juggle all this on a weekly basis.

Anthony and I are both trying to build our business’ and brands so it takes up all of our so called “free time”. We started a little late in life because we started a family so early. To be quite honest it took us so long to find what we were passionate about but we got there and now we are building. Not just for us but our kids’ future. It is never too late to start even if you think your family is an obstacle. Just support and help each other out. Find creative ways to get your family involved so you can spend time together. If we did not have kids the hustle would be easier but because we do we have learned some tricks so we can balance our family life, marriage and business’. I am going to share with you what works for us and hopefully it works for you.

  • Wake up early! This is great if you want to get a workout in because in the afternoon you may be trying to crunch to many things in at once. To be honest when I workout in the evening I am not motivated to cook or clean and our schedules are so out of whack. We set our alarms to wake up at 4:30 am and be at the gym at 5 am. It does not always work out that way BUT we still get up before the kids and accomplish something. The latest we stay in bed is 6:30 am. If we sleep in depending on the time we get out of bed we get something done. If we get up at 5 am we can still make it to the gym for a quick workout, if we get out of bed at 5:30 am we can do a quick cardio or HIIT workout at home, go for a run or walk, sometimes he will make shirts and I will blog. We also squeeze in a relaxed breakfast and coffee date at home. It is so nice to have a conversation and breakfast while the house is asleep and quiet. We also start a load of laundry, clean and prepare for the day. If there is something we planned on accomplishing in the evening but we can get it done in the morning because we skipped the gym we do it. It frees up some of our afternoon.
  • Write your family’s week schedule out. I am a visual person I like to see what I have going on for the week so as events come up I write them in my planner. On Sunday evenings I review my planner, go through the kids’ school websites to make sure I have all events written out, go through my emails in case I commited to something and forgot it lol! This helps me know what I have going on for the week as well as remind my husband since he always forgets!
  • Plan your kids’ outfits for the week . If you follow me on instagram you may have seen me post quite a few times how when I am putting laundry away I have ikea bins that I put the kids clothes for the week. I have 5 bins in each been holds each of my littles outfits including diapers, underwear and socks. I do not label M-F because weather is unpredictable here so I pick to what is weather appropriate. The kids know to grab a bin and change, It saves me time looking for outfits or scrambling for socks and they have no reason to go in their drawers and pull clothes out so it reduces the mess


  • Shoot your social media content in a day and make it a fun family affair! I plan all my outfits throughout the week and shoot them all on one weekend day. We make these our family outing days haha I will plan fun family friendly place to shoot. I change in the car take a picture, play with my kids and make sure my husband is capturing these fun moments. Also bonus you just have to put make up on once a week for these days LOL Although my social media sounds scripted we make it alot of fun for the kids and creating memories even though it is business related. If we have weekend plans like soccer games I will plan my content around that as well.
  • Plan your posts I explained how I shoot in a day so this ties into that. On Sunday night I pick my top 5 pictures, edit and put on my bulletin board what I am posting. This helps me spend less time on social media throughout the week so I am able to have some family time and engage more with my instagram people since I do not have to take time to take a picture, edit, and caption during the week. When opportunity does come I do take pics through the week because I love capturing moments everyday
  • Get the whole family involved Our screen print business is ran out of our garage. We typically have constant work after dinner or soccer practice so this is so convenient when we have so many orders because our teenager can help and the kids ride their bikes or scooters or just hang with us while we work. They get to spend time with Anthony since they don’t see him until after 4:30 pm on weekdays. What I personally love the most about this is our kids see how hard we work and they get to experience what it is like when you start a business and are exposed to what it is to work hard to become successful.
  • Plan work errands around family errands. If I have to do a post office run Sprouts is down the street so I can grocery shop. If Anthony send me to pick up vinyl it is near an outdoor mall so I can take Alix out to lunch and we can shop for what the kids have been needing like clothes, books etc… I can also do a target run for cleaning supplies and toiletries
  • Make date nights a business meeting. Date nights are usually at a favorite sit down restaurant. Back in the day we would just talk about kids and work BUT now that we both have business’ we talk about what our goals are, give each other ideas on how to get there and how we can support each other in the process. This may sound funny but it really spices up a marriage. It is like a first date getting to know someone and sharing your hopes, dreams and passions even though it is one small goal and idea.

To sum it all up stay organized, plan and be creative. It was all trial and error for us but we finally have a great balance.

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