How we Planned our Wedding Under 10k and Tips for you to Save!

May 8, 2019

We got married before the pinterest age. So when planning our wedding I had to be independently creative. I wanted a dream wedding but we were BROKE! Anthony and I were 22, both working part time, had 2 kids and he had just finished school and I had just started. We had our big wedding details planned out 8 months before the big day (venue, catering and floral) BUT 3 months before my wedding our wedding planner vanished and I had to plan a wedding in 3 months FROM SCRATCH! We managed to get it all done with over 100 guests and under 10K. I know my wedding was 8 years ago but I believe some of my tricks can help you save BIG if you are planning a wedding.

  • Take the help
    Don’t be too prideful. When we announced we were getting married alot of our family and friends offered to help. Some were monetary but some offered their services in lieu of getting a gift. I had a cousin who offered to do hair for my bridal party and another their makeup , They also set up fo me to get my makeup done by their friend, my cousin’s wives offered to be our photographers, we had a friend DJ, a cousin married us and Anthony’s aunt made our cakes. All those little details helped me out financially and made planning more simple since we had such little time.
  • Save money on your DRESS
    I knew I wanted a strapless mermaid dress. My dream dress was well out of budget. I decided to go into Nordstrom and look at prom dresses they offered in white. I figured if I got the fitting and style right I could accessorize to make it more lavish looking. I tried on my dress in an ugly orange but it was exactly what I was looking for. So I ordered in white and paid only $325. I got so many compliments then and when I post pictures of our big day I still get compliments. Now you can google “White Prom Dress” and they have so many great options. Since it is the end of prom season you can get a great deal now since so many are on clearance.
  • Save on linens and centerpieces
    My venue had chairs and tables covered BUT I needed table cloths and chair covers for over 100 people. Your standard party rental places were super pricey so I decided we would rent from a small shop that specializes in Quinceaneras. They also offered centerpiece rentals so we decided since it was crunch time and we did not have the time to DIY we decided that would be the best option. This also helped us save money on flowers since they were provided in our rental. As I mentioned before I had family who really wanted to contribute to our wedding. My nino paid $200 and we paid $300 of our own monies.
  • Buffet style catering
    I have been to weddings where they offer fancy delicious plates and give you options before you arrive. We simply just did italian catering buffet style and saved over $2,000.
  • BYOB
    Our venue was BYOB and offered a complimentary “bartender” with their fees as long as it was just beer, wine and champagne. Since our wedding was on a Sunday (another way to cut costs) we decided to just do that instead of hard liquor.

These days it is so easy to cut costs. I see people sell their used decor online and DIY. If I had that back then I would have def used those resources.

Despite our cost cutting ways everyone had a great time. When planning a wedding remember you do not need to impress anyone. Everyone who is in attendance should be there to support and celebrate your love.

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