How I Met My Husband

May 2, 2019

Today is my husband and I’s 16 year dating anniversary! It is crazy to think at the age of 30 I have been with someone for more than half of my life! For the occasion I thought it would be fun to share our story.

For me this story starts at the age of 8. Anthony and I grew up in the same town Sunnyvale, CA BUT we grew up on opposite sides so we only knew each other from little league baseball (SHOUT OUT TO SUNNYVALE NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE). I had a cousin who was a male and the same age as me. Anthony and him played on the same baseball team that my uncle coached. One game I came to watch and I seen him and I had an instant crush on him. This continued for 6 years. I would forget about him all school year since we went to different schools and then I would see him during baseball season and would gush all over again. We never talked and I didn’t even think he knew who I was BUT I knew all his friends. His best friend growing up was actually my dad’s best friend’s son and I would always hang at their house. So we knew of each other but never spoke a word.

Fast forward to spring 2003 it was a Saturday, near the end of our freshman year of high school and beginning of little league. I had just got done umpiring a game. I was at the snack bar leaning over when I felt someone slap my butt.. I immediately assumed it was one of my girlfriends but I turned around and it was Anthony. The guy had never said one word to me! His first interaction with me was smacking my butt. LOL He asked me what I was doing and I told him I just got done umpiring a game and was just hanging out. Then he gets a phone call and told me not to leave and he walks a few feet away to answer it. At this point I was not interested in him. I had grown out of the crush phase. I was actually talking to an upperclassman. I gave him a minute and he was still on his phone so I walked away. He yelled for me and asked why I was leaving if he asked me to stay. I told him he was busy and I wasn’t going to wait. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to meet his “friend” at the bus stop and I did. His other friend had seen us walking and he joined us.

We got to the bus stop and sat there. He grabbed my phone and put his number in. So I grabbed his and put my number in it. The bus arrived and his “friend” came out. I had no clue we were meeting a girl because he made sure to mention it was his “friend”. We walked to the mall and went to Macy’s for like 30 minutes and then I told him I needed to go home. He decided to walk me. All of us walked towards my house and it was windy. I was cold so he offered me his sweater. I took it and put it on. We reached the corner around my house and he told his friends to wait there. He walked me to my driveway and gave me a hug.

I didn’t think much of it. I went home and got ready because I had a date that night. Around 7 pm I was walking to my dates house and Anthony saw me. I was actually on the phone with my date and Anthony screamed out “who are you talking to?” I told him my friend and he said “Tell him you already have a boyfriend and it’s me” I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

That day was really weird to me so the next day I called my friend who was also friend’s with him and told her the story. She told me the “friend” we met at the bus stop was actually his girlfriend LOL I thought it was funny because he gave me his sweater instead of giving it to her, gave me this really long intimate hug and of course that boyfriend comment.

That Monday after I was hanging with one of my friend’s. I was super bored and SUPER HIGH and I decided to call him. The high comment is necessary because not high Vanessa would never have the courage to call any boy first lol He answered and I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was on his way to his friend’s house. I said OK and that I would call him later then.

A few days passed and then he calls me. He asked me why I didn’t go to softball practice. I asked him how he knew and he said “I went and didn’t see you” (TOTAL STALKER) and then he asked me why I never called him back. We ended up speaking on the phone for a few hours and kinda started having those gushy feelings for him.

That Sunday I went to a nightclub with my friends and I seen his girlfriend there. We ended up not going in because it reached capacity. Then the next day he showed up at my practice (STALKER) and I told him I seen his girlfriend. He told me they broke up. He smiled because he had no clue I knew he had a girlfriend LOL

Every day he called me and we would talk for hours AND he still remained stalking me. He actually dated a girl on my softball team when he was in middle school and when he would show up to my practice everyone would talk about how they think he was trying to get back with her and she was contemplating if she would say yes. LOL I didn’t say anything even though I knew he was there for me. The other guy I was dating was fizzling out at this point. Basically when I met him he was on house arrest and when he got his ankle bracelet taken off he would rather be out with his friends. I sure knew how to pick them back then lol

NOW to this day MAY 2, 2003. It was after school on a Friday and he had called me. He finally had the courage to ask me who I liked. I told him I like him and then he admitted to liking me. He then told me he would call me back. Then 5 minutes later he calls me and says “You like me and I like you. So lets contemplate something. Will you be my girlfriend?” I said yes. He asked me if I would meet him at Open Gym at his old middle school and I said yes. I watched him play basketball for an hour and I was really bored. He then asked me to go for a walk with him. We went outside and it was raining. We walked around and talked for 10 minutes but it got wet so we decided to walk back inside. But before we walked inside he kissed me. And that is how our relationship started.

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