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The One Car Family Lifestyle

April 10, 2019

Some of you know this but it may come as a shock to most but we are A ONE CAR FAMILY! At one point we had 1 car and he had his motorcycle but we got rid of it after Alix was born. Then we invested in the minivan and had 2 cars but our other car just sat in our drive way and maybe be driven once a week if that because Anthony’s work is only a mile a way and he would either ride his bike or carpool. We decided to get rid of it because it had no purpose and we did not want to keep up with the maintenance. Usually I run all the errands during the day and in the evening we are either at practice or home.

These days Anthony no longer has a bike and carpools 1 week a month since his coworkers schedules have changed. So this has created a few obstacles for us BUT we make it work. Round Rock does not have public transportation to and from his work and the public transportation we do have is VERY limited in our town so we lose that as an option. We can afford a 2nd car but… another payment, more for insurance, and gas just does not make it worth the debt. We are at a point where we prefer to save where we can and invest in our business’. Eventually in the next few years when Adam starts driving we will need 2 more cars. But we feel investing and growing our business’ now will give us the extra income to be able to afford the luxuries of 2 more vehicles without restricting ourselves financially. Our van will be paid off when we decide to get the extra car which will make it within our budget and means when the time comes.

I wanted to share with you a glimpse of my daily schedule/life with one car and then share with you the pros and cons. Here is my M-F schedule in bold is when I am out driving around.

  • 7:40 am take Anthony to work
  • 7:45 am drink coffee, prepare breakfast, pack snacks and make Adan school lunch
  • 8:30 am get myself ready for the day or gym
  • 9:30 am give kids a bath,
  • 9:50 am get kids dressed and ready to go
  • 10:30 am quick clean up
  • 11:00 am take Adan to school
  • 11:30 am go to gym (M,W,F) or go home and do laundry (T & TH)
  • 12:30 pm errands (grocery shop, post office etc.) I usually try to kill time before school pick up
  • 2:10 pm go to school pick up for 2:40 pm release
  • 2:50 pm get home and prepare after school snack and prep dinner
  • 3:35 pm on every other Thurs pick up Adam from school and take him to Chiropractor
  • 4:15 pm pick up Anthony from work
  • 4:30 pm make dinner
  • 8:00 pm take Adam to practice (T & TH) (usually Anthony)

Before when Anthony was carpooling I had my me time in the am and kids would sleep in until 9 am. But now the moment I get out of bed it is go go go. which is why I stopped gymmin at 5 am LOL

Here are the pros

  • 1 car payment
  • low car insurance
  • save money on gas
  • we get to spend more time together
  • since Anthony is so close I can choose to have him take the van, I walk Adan to school and he can come home for lunch and I can bring him back to work.


  • date nights in minivan HAHAH
  • I have to get the kids up before they are ready AND they are grumpy
  • When I have blog events in the evening picking up Anthony cuts in to my leaving time or getting ready time
  • When I get home from picking up Anthony I have no energy to cook because I have been running around all day.
  • Some weekends I have my blog stuff planned and Adam has games out of town and it makes it difficult with one car and no public transportation.

The cons are just a minor inconvenience which is why I do not mind adjusting my lifestyle temporarily for. Before I know it, it will be summer and easier to manage. Also come fall Adan will be in Kinder fulltime and I will have full days back. And hopefully in 2 more years Adam will be able to drive himself around and his sibs LOL

If you are planning on being a single car family I hope this gives you an insight of the sacrifices and the benefits that come with it.

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