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Bug’s Life: The Cause

February 25, 2019


All I could do was wait for the autopsy report. If it wasn’t for planning her funeral I probably would not have been able to get my mind off the waiting game.┬áBefore Bug had passed we were planning her 2nd Birthday party. At that time Pinterest had taken off and I remember being addicted to it. You could find so many DIY invitations and decor. The thing you do not have on Pinterest is planning a funeral. We did not even know where to start and we were new to Texas. We did not know names of funeral homes or Catholic churches. Planning a wedding is stressful and emotional. It has all the details of a wedding like caterer, flowers but instead of that dress you have to pick a casket and all decisions have to be made in minutes. The decisions were made so fast I do not even know what details the casket had or what flowers we chose…

I was really exhausted one afternoon and decided to take a bath. While I was in the bath my cell phone rang. I did not recognize the number but I answered because at this point every phone call I felt needed to be answered. It was the Detective. He told me he had the results of the autopsy report. My heart started racing I was not expecting this call until the next day. I was not even sure I was ready to hear what he had to say because I had convinced myself it was the Benadryl. He said that her cause of death was due to GI complications. He explained that her intestines were twisted and restricted her blood flow which caused an infection. This happened because the scar tissue after her surgery caused an obstruction. I felt a huge weight just lift. I hopped out the tub and ran into the living room to tell Anthony and my mother in law what the cause of her passing was. We all felt a moment of relief that it was not my fault but quickly stopped that quick celebration because we still did not have Bug.


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