Cryoskin Q&A and My Honest Review

January 25, 2019



If you’re one of my followers on Instagram you may have seen my stories and posts about Cryoskin. If you have no clue what I am talking about it is a non invasive fat freezing treatment that I have been receiving on my stomach. My fat cells get frozen and they leave my body through my lymphatic system.  Click here if you want more detailed info. I recently asked my followers to shoot me some questions about Cryoskin so I am answering my most common questions and then I will give you my honest review. My photos are not high quality or edited because I wanted you all to see real honest raw results.

What does it feel like?

When I am getting the treatment done it feels like a cold ultrasound. If you have never had an ultrasound it feels like an ice roller. The coldness is similar to an ice pack but it is smooth. Post treatment I do not feel anything my skinnier hahaha

How many sessions does it take to see results?

I saw results after my first session. I lost 2 inches! BUT for the best results I would recommend doing 6. I am going to be 100% honest I lost the 2 inches right after however I am not the best at keeping a clean diet consistently so when I went to my next treatment (2 weeks later) I grew half an inch from what I left. If you are 100% strict on exercise and diet than I think you would be better at maintaining results. I enjoy coffee daily, burgers and pizza once a week and I love my beer and wine. My busy life is my main excuse for not staying on top of things but regardless I have seen amazing results with little effort on eating.

(results after 1 session)

Does dieting affect results?

For best results clean healthy eating habits would be ideal just like any other procedure. My results I have not been strict on diet. I do not eat much carbs and grains. I am very mindful on my portions if I decide to have buns for my burger or rice. I typically try to sub for healthier options like lettuce instead of a bun, zucchini instead of pasta or riced cauliflower subbed for rice, I am not perfect all the time I am probably 80/20. I do not eat many sweets because I do not crave them often. I am terrible at my sugar intake because I need coffee and creamer but that is the extent of it. I am very active when working out. I go to the gym 4x a week. I rarely do cardio I do mainly weight training. So you do not need to be hardcore or have a complete lifestyle change just be mindful. If you want that lifestyle change cryoskin is definitely the push to maintain results.

How much weight have you lost?

I have not lost any weight. I continue to fluctuate from 122-125 lbs


(After 3 sessions about 1.5 months)

How many inches have you lost?

I have lost a total of 4 inches!!!!


(results after 6 sessions about 3 months)

Is it the same thing as cool sculpting?

It is not the same. I have never done cool sculpting but I hear that it is also like a vacuum and someone told me it left like an indent on their stomach. Cryoskin does not do any vacuuming. Also Cryoskin is significantly less expensive.

How much does it cost?

I believe it varies depending on who offers it but at Cryo512 1 session is $350 and they have package deals so you can discount each session. If you are in the Austin and surrounding areas Cryo512 is the best place. The owner Jen is not a salesperson she is honest and will make sure you are a candidate for cryoskin. she makes you feel comfortable and does not shame or judge you. It is also a bonus she is nice, personable and super cool.


THE GOOD It is 100% worth the time and money. I was stuck for so long and I accepted what my body was because I was tired of beating myself up about my stomach. I had 4 kids so I settled for it is what it is. Now that I have lost those inches and I am truly happy and confident! THE BAD SIDE no carbs or sugar 4 hours before and minimum 2 hours after. I am fueled by coffee and it’s hard to find food with no sugar. Not even natural sugars so fruits are out. I find myself starving because I just don’t prepare for the day but if you were to prepare you could totally eliminate the bad.


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