Cheap AF (and fun) Dates

October 13, 2018

Anthony and I have been together since we were teenagers so our dates were never fancy and expensive. We kept up that tradition because we know the alone time is priceless and we like to have money in our pocket haha So I thought I would share with you our CHEAP AF (and fun) date night faves! This does not include the gym lol

  1. Coffee ☕️ as mentioned in my early blog days as Go on a Coffee Date We still do this to this day. These days we mainly talk about our business’ so technically it’s a business meeting with him. We bounce ideas off each other and give each other advice and motivation. I actually presented one day to him I wanted to start a blog on our first coffee date and here I am now. Average cost $10.28 
  2. Tacos and Adulting 🌮 It’s all in the name. we go out for tacos at Velvet Taco at the Domain. grab a cupcake at Sprinkles, play at the Apple Store and browse through the Amazon Book Store. Last date we picked up some wine on the way home and came home to watch a documentary. Adulting level 1000 average cost $35
  3. Appetizers and Desserts 🍰 sometimes I am just in the mood for a sampler of appetizers and a chocolate cake. We are extremely guilty of going to the fancier of restaurants and getting just that and a drink. The drink is probably the most expensive item.We have no shame when we do it either. Average cost $32 (before tip) IMG_9395
  4. Home cooked meal and a Binge 🥩 (netflix and chill) Anthony will bring home a nice steak and HE DOES ALL THE COOKING. he will roast some potatoes and asparagus. It is my favorite meal ever! We listen to some country and drink wine while we eat and then binge on some comedy shows like “The Office” and “Parks and Rec” Average Cost $30
  5. Eat out in and Dragon Ball Z 🍕🍔🍗🍜 similar to the above but we pick up or get delivered some food. Usually it’s pizza, wings, In and Out or some kind of asian cuisine (Panda Express, Firebowl, Pei Wei…) we get in our Pjs, lay in bed and watch Dragon Ball Z Average Cost $20
  6. HOT Date 🧖🏽‍♀️🧖🏽‍♂️ The title is very literal. On Friday nights I like to treat him to an infrared sauna date at Cryo512 . We spend 40 minutes in 150 degrees. Sometimes we talk and sometimes we sit in pure bliss silence or listen to music. There are so many health benefits and it’s actually really relaxing. Average Cost $25


What I enjoy about these dates is the actual time we get to spend together. We don’t notice in our day to day life how much time we dedicate to the kids and family. When it is just us we are able to find ourselves without kids kind of like reconnecting with an old friend and the old you. We talk about memories and are able to talk about how we are feeling in depth. Not the “How was your day?” .  He is my best friend and my therapist in one. So if you are looking for dates outside the traditional that won’t break the bank try something similar to these. I know Dragon Ball Z is not everyones cup of tea. 🍵

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