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September 25, 2018

IMG_2373It has been a crazy 2 months in the Joaquin house and I don’t even know where to begin hahaha… So let’s start with a quick recap of August… My last blog about back to school shopping is pretty much the last time I was able to breath. We now have 2 kids in school so school shopping was a little draining. Adding to the back to school stress I also had guests in my house for 3 weeks… My sister and her boyfriend came the week before school started and stayed for 2 weeks. My house is not ideal for hosting guests hahaha we have 3 bedrooms and alone we are 5 people. My 2 youngest share a room. So when we have guests we do a lot of room maneuvering. Guests get Adam’s room, Adam takes the kids room and Adan and Alix sleep in the living room. So it is pretty crowded haha! Adam started soccer practice that week and it is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The week she came Adam had a tournament in Dallas that weekend. Saturday we drove up and checked into our hotel and then 10 mins later the tournament was cancelled due to weather. The hotel gave us a choice to stay the night or we can check out and pay half the price as a cleaning fee… We were prob in the room for a solid 5 minutes and just put our bags down. We decided to go home because we really didn’t want to stay in Dallas overnight. Fast forward a little… school started on Thursday, August 16th. It was Adam’s first day of 8th grade and Adan’s first day of school ever and Alix did not take it so well… so we had to take her to McDonalds to make her feel better. She quickly learned that she gets all this extra 1 on 1 time and now she loves to drop him off LOL Adan loves school and is Mr Popular already. I really stretched myself thin that month with doctor appointments, having guests, soccer, and 1st day of school was really stressful. It was hard to get into a routine and I’m a routine freak! The day my sister left my cousin and his family came to stay. They are planning on making a move here so they were looking at houses. They have 3 kids so we had a total of 6 kids and 4 adults. My kids had so much fun having cousins their age in the house. They stayed with us for a week and we really had a good time. That is what my August looked like. I honestly do not know how I survived haha




September is here and I have been able to transition into a routine but keeping up with cleaning and laundry has been the big challenge. Adan starts school at 11 so in the morning I am preparing for that and in the afternoon I do the errands. After school we usually have soccer or some kind of event and on top of practice M-W I have more kids come to my house after school. My husband’s clothing line has taken off so everyday I have been helping him stay on top of his orders since he does have a regular job haha Anthony was in Nevada for 4 days and solo parenting was exhausting. Adam had a game in Houston the day Anthony left and that is a 3 hour drive and the next day in San Antonio which is an hour and a half drive. My original plan was to drive straight to San Antonio but there was a high chance that both our games would be cancelled because of the rain. Houston we ended up playing and luckily San Antonio got rained out so I was able to get some things done that day. Adan really had a hard time with Anthony being gone, he was very emotional and would talk back or not listen to me. I cried because it was too much to handle. When Anthony got home it was straight back to work for the clothing line. He had extra days off from the normal job but we spent the days working on the clothing line. We also had Open house for the boys and I am now the room parent for Adan’s class. I tend to over volunteer during the fall so I am also social media coordinator for Adam’s team and also the prime location for our carpool.

I left a few things out of my recap because I wanted to go into more detail. In August I started Cryoskin. It is a thermal therapy that destroys fat cells and they exit your body through the lymphatic system. I would describe it as a cold ultrasound for 60 mins. My results are AMAZING! It has really boosted my body image confidence. I am going to post a blog once I have completed all my treatments to give you more details.


I have continued to workout. I go to the gym about 5 times a week. During the week I go 3 times and usually at 5 am and I love it. It is my alone time because my days are crazy! I go on weekends as well when we have time and those are typically during their day care hours. So I highly recommend investing in a gym with a childcare On the weekends you are able to get some real good alone time hahaha

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I have so much coming up on the blog this month so stay tuned and if you want to keep up with my day to day I am highly active on instagram @veenicolee


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