Updated Modish Vee Workout

July 22, 2018

IMG_6256I recently did an Instagram poll to see who was interested in my workout routine and the people have spoken so here is the blog. This blog is an update on my workout routine. As I have become more comfortable in the gym and learned more about my body I have changed up my workout style a bit. Here is my previous workout routine. This was a great base when I started after baby #4.


Here is a list of what has changed from my previous routine:

  • I workout 4x a week : so I can spend more time on all muscles
  • I have eliminated cardio in between sets : I just don’t have time for cardio 😂
  • I have incorporated “German volume training” : This helps me focus on my form, before I would do 3×10 and my form would be inconsistent and then would get better by the end of my set. Now that I do 10×10 on the exercises I struggle with form I am able to correct myself and do the exercise the correct was so it is most effective. This is also a substitute for my cardio since I do not take a long rest in between sets.


DAY 1 Chest/Triceps Day

  • Dumbell Press- 10×10
  • Decline DB Press 10×10
  • High Cable Fly- 5×10
  • Cable Pushdown- 5×10
  • Rope Pushdown- 5×10

DAY 2 Back/Bicep Day-

  • Lat Pulldown- 5×10
  • Bent Over Barbell rows- 5×10
  • Deadlifts 5×10
  • High Rows- 5×10
  • Dumbell Curls- 5×10
  • Barbell Curls- 5×10

 DAY 3 Shoulders/Arms/Abs

  • Dumbell Lat Raise- 5×10
  • Barbell Shoulder Press- 10×10
  • Rear Delt Flys- 5×10
  • Dumbell Curls- 5×10
  • Tricep Pushdown- 5×10
  • Armadillo Cable Curls- 4×20 + Hanging Leg Raises- 4×10

DAY 4 Legs/Abs-

  • Squats- 10×10
  • Leg Press- 5×10
  • Leg Extensions- 10×10
  • Lying Leg Curls- 10×10
  • Kettlebell Squats- 5×10
  • Armadillo Cable Curls- 4×20 + Hanging Leg Raises- 4×10

My body is no where near what my body goal was. Right now I am not focused on my body results or strength . I am focused on my consistency. In the past I would get discouraged and stress over not getting the results I wanted in the time period I wanted. After not going to the gym for a few months I realized that exercising was more important than the results I was not seeing. It was better to exercise towards a goal than to not exercise and the goal become further out of reach.  Setting my goal to be consistent has given me more confidence. I am able to see the small body changes without having a body goal and I am able to see my strength results without worrying how strong I am.  This is why this program works for me.



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