Why You Should Invest In That Gym Membership WITH Childcare

July 15, 2018

AttachmenOne of the biggest struggles when being a mom is figuring out what to do in your “down time” because it is limited and so far in between. You want to exercise but that bag of chips and trashy reality show is calling your name, or maybe that shower you didn’t take yet. Or the kids left a mess and you know its the only time you have to pick up or you forgot to eat and want to enjoy a meal to yourself, maybe it’s the right time pick up that book or to get a nap in. Perhaps you are a working mom and your evening is crunched and the struggle to fight traffic home, make dinner and spend the little time you have with the kids and start the bed time routine. Whatever the situation, I am here to tell you to invest in that gym with a daycare.

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My gym has 2 hours of daycare and sometimes mama needs a break to clear her mind. I am the type that does enjoy a good workout however even if you are not in the mood for a workout and want to catch up on a show or some time to read that book or listen to your favorite podcast take advantage of that day care! Get on that elliptical, stair master, or treadmill and watch that show, read that book or listen to that podcast in peace. If you are a SAHM and need that adult interaction take a class or invite a friend to workout or “workout” with you. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or vigorous just get that body active and enjoy that me time.


I know it sounds like a good dream but you think about it and then the guilt comes about leaving your kids, but Mama, you deserve it! Try to do at least twice a week and then when you get confident enough add another day in. I know when I give myself a little self care, clear my mind and reset I become this new and improved mama (at least for the rest of the day hehe)

We always put our kids before our own health for temporary satisfaction. We put it off and wait for our kids to be more independent but by that time it may be too late and more difficult to get back into shape. The long term goal is to live a long and healthy life to be able to play with our grandkids and maybe even meet our great grandkids. It is better to make these small sacrifices now to not only achieve that but teach our kids how important health is and pass on healthy active habits.


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    Life Lately
    September 25, 2018 at 1:29 am

    […] well when we have time and those are typically during their day care hours. So I highly recommend¬†investing in a gym with a childcare¬†On the weekends you are able to get some real good alone time […]

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