Behind the Scenes of Modish Vee

February 28, 2018


I want to introduce you guys to the faces behind Modish Vee. When I was starting out it was these people who helped edit my blogs, design my page, they were my photographers, photo editors, stylist, and have just been there to push me to write and continue blogging. Besides an introduction I wanted to show you if you are thinking about starting a blog or have a blog but feel overwhelmed with the amount of work and time it takes that it really takes a village and it is so helpful and beneficial to ask your closest friends and family to help you. Trust me if they believe in you they will be more than willing and happy to help you succeed.

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetFirst I want to introduce you to my husband Anthony or you may know him on instagram as @lionfamfitness. He is my go to for everything! After each blog I write I have him approve and proofread. If I have been slacking on content he gets on me. Even though he annoys me and I get frustrated with him I truly appreciate the push. Sometimes you just need that tough love from your own spouse LOL He also approves outfits, TRIES to take pictures, and he even created my logo. Even though my blog seems to be geared towards women and mothers it is also great to get a male and father perspective so I am able to reach multiple audiences.

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetNext is my younger self proclaimed beauty and only sister Brianna aka @Breezyybri LOL. She approves my blogs, helps me pick out clothes as well as buy them, she’s my newly intern photo editor hahaha, if she is in town she will also do my hair and make up. She is the most honest person when it comes to anything. Even though she comes off bitchy she gives great constructive criticism which I appreciate because I need that honest person to ensure I am producing great content. She is in her early 20s which helps me reach the younger crowd even though they may not relate to my blogs I get feedback from them that they enjoy reading and some day they will be able to relate as well as knowing my blog as a resource for them. It is because of her I am the “cool mom” I truly don’t know where my blog would be without her.

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetWhen I started my blog I truly had no knowledge or direction. I thought blogging was just writing and posting. Luckily, I was introduced to my neighbor Jesse @jessecoulter who is a successful blogger http://www.jessecoulter.net/  She invited me to my first mixer, first conference and has given me great advice on blog ideas, she takes great photos, has even given me references to photographers and all her tips and tricks. She is like my mentor but more so a great friend. It is also because of her I have a little more confidence socializing.

I am very thankful to everyone who has helped making Modish Vee what it is today and for helping me continue to grow. I hope that if you have a blog or are wanting to start one you can build a strong team that can be your foundation and push you to your full potential. Do not be afraid to reach out to other bloggers for advice and tips. From my experience they love helping up and coming bloggers, they all have a story and were once you.

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