How to Save Money and Time Grocery Shopping

February 9, 2018


I am a SAHM and my husband has an average Joe 9-5 and has a clothing line that is still considered a start up. I often get asked “how are you guys able to afford you staying home on a 1 person income?”  It is not easy when you have 1 child in select D1 club soccer and another in gymnastics but I have learned that smart grocery shopping can save you so much money! Here are my tips and tricks on saving money and time when grocery shopping because lets face it going to the grocery store with littles can be a little hellish lol.

  1. Shop the grocery ads I always look for what meat and fruit is on sale because those are the most priciest. I shop 4 major grocery stores H-E-B, Randalls, Sams Club and Sprouts. When I see meat for a really good deal I buy a little extra just in case there is a week I do not have time to run to the store. If you read my blog I Love Sprouts! you would know about double ad Wednesdays and how that can save you so much money. Since then Amazon and Sprouts have teamed up so if you have Prime you can shop from Sprouts and have it delivered to you. I use this all the time because 1 trip to 1 grocery store is what I strive for and HEB is the 1 store I physically go to when grocery shopping.
  2. Rain check please! Sprouts offers rain checks so if they are out of something you love get a rain check and come back whenever because they do not expire. I kind of work the system and will go at the end of Wednesday when I know they will be sold out of something I want and get a rain check and save it for a time I really need it but it is not on sale IMG_7985
  3. Plan your meals Plan your meals around what is on sale. This not only saves you money but also time making a grocery list. Also since I buy extra meat I am able to just head to the store to pick up veggies
  4. Make a list AND STICK TO IT making a list before shopping will help you stay on budget. I also suggest you make your list in categories and if you memorize the aisles like I do make it so you stick to a route and you can get in and out of the grocery store in 30 minutes or less. Don’t bring your husband because he will not stick to the list hehe
  5. Buy snacks in bulk I go to Sams Club for all the snacks and I also shop the instant savings ad for the month. My kids snacks depend on what is on sale so I save money on top of saving money. I can buy my kids snacks for a month and spend $50 max.
  6. Curbside pick up I typically only use this feature at Sams Club because the item is always what it is and I like to pick out my own fruits and vegetables. Also if I go into Sams club I spend more money than I had planned finding other great deals that i MUST have lol I often just sit in the car while they load my snacks and enjoy some starbucks IMG_5260
  7. APPS I swear by my grocery apps! I will place my orders for pick up or delivery at soccer practice, gymnastics training or laying in bed before we go to sleep so my groceries will be available the next morning and all I need is a HEB trip to be done with it. Sams Club has 2 apps 1 for my pick ups and the 2nd in case I have to go to the store I use there Scan and Go app. You scan the items you are buying and pay through the app so you do not have to wait in line just show the attendant at the door your phone so they can scan and just walk out.IMG_7984

It may sound like alot of planning and executing when grocery shopping but believe me it is much more simple than it sounds and I get to keep my sanity from grocery shopping with kids.


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