Supporting Your Spouse’s Dreams

October 14, 2017


My husband has been through so many business ventures even those pyramid schemes. At the age of 19 he wanted to be in the music industry, at 20 we were talked into Amway (I was skeptical but he was excited about it LOL) and again at 21 it was the music industry AGAIN. BUT no matter what it was or how silly it seemed to everyone I had always supported him. Now my husband runs a clothing line and personal trains on top of working a full time job just so that we have a steady income and have great health insurance because we have HELLA kids and need it! LOL! At one point my husband was training 9 clients and would train until 9 pm. So you can only imagine how much time we got to spend not only together but as a family.

I have made a choice to be apart of his business ventures to not only show my support for him but also my love and appreciation for everything he does. Personal training and his clothing line is something he loves and is passionate about. No one likes to hear they can’t do something or that their dreams are unrealistic. So as a wife I have to be the positive voice in his ear. Most wives aren’t happy when they have little time with their husband and have to run a household at the same time. There is a saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” and yes that is true but let’s not forget about what makes our husband happy. We are a team and everyone on the team deserves to be happy. His day job is not a job he loves so he sacrifices to provide for us at a place that some days just stresses him out. So I support his personal training and his clothing line (Krooked Kings)

If your spouse is an entrepreneur or has an outside of the box dream here are some tips you can support them.

Ask your spouse about their vision and what they hope to accomplish. To know how to help your spouse in the best way possible you need to hear and visualize the vision they have.

Encourage them. Whether it’s a new design, advertising or way of branding themself if they are excited about it be excited too and give your positive opinion.

Lift their spirits. Anthony has sometimes felt that he has bitten off more than he can chew. He is the type that shows his emotions so I can sense it. We are open and I will ask him what is going on and he will tell me about his challenges but I always remind him of where he started, how far he has come and how there will be obstacles but we will get through them. Don’t let them give up but be the positive. Sometimes we just need assurance from the ones that matter most.

Help in any way you can and make the best of it. I calendar his training and payment schedules. I have typed up his workouts because he is an old school pen and paper guy. We spend late nights in the garage drinking wine. He makes shirts and I fold and package them. (one of my fave date nights) I take orders to the post office to be shipped out and I handle all the paperwork. I have inserted myself into his dream and we have grown closer because of that.

Don’t stress over the money. Business’ cost money ALOT of money. We are a 1 income family and I used to stress and get upset over the money he would invest from our own pockets. I would nag about it and it would stress him out. He knows bills need to be paid and he knows the money he is spending. The more I would bring it up the more we would fight. I was doing all that nagging for nothing because the day I would have a bill due he would have the money and then some extra. No matter what he always came through because he was determined. Chances are your spouse is determined to and they will not let you down especially if you are supportive.

Now there is a limit to when you need to be the realistic person and say “Hey the business is not working out and we need to reevaluate” Luckily I have not reached it and I do not know what would push me to that edge. I would encourage you not to put your family in a position they can lose everything.

I admire my husband so much for being the person that wants to make something out of the things he loves. How he makes his dreams a reality. He is showing our kids that anything is possible. I want my kids to have a career in the things that make them happy. If it fails at least he gave it his all and my kids got to see the hard work and determination.







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    October 14, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    I wanna be like you two when I grow up… I know life’s not perfect and you two always handle things maturely and support each other. I can definitely tell when I’m in the presence of you two Family really is everything 😍

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