Being Prepared for Select Sports with Little Kids

September 17, 2017


It’s a challenge being the mom on the sideline with the little kids running around and let’s be honest they sometimes run on the field or disappear out of sight because you were too into the game  Now that soccer season is in full effect in the Joaquin house I want to give out my tips on managing and surviving the madness of select sports with little kids.

No one wants to spend 3 nights with little kids at practice fields. Plus if you have to travel 15 + miles like I do it’s not ideal to transport kids during rush hour traffic. So my first advice is CARPOOL! Organize a carpool with other parents chances are they will be thrilled especially if they have littles too. I organized a carpool so that 1 parent drives once a week. These mom’s are like me and have many active kids so it gives them the opportunity to attend the other child’s sporting events. It is also great for the boys to bond which creates great chemistry on the field.


Next is what you should always have in your car:

Folding Chairs: Now if you are in it for the long haul invest in a good one! I was one of those that would buy the cheap ones and have to replace every season. Why? well because I have little kids that hang on the sides and break it or they had decided to jump on it and collapse. I recently invested in Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair. Pros: it has a canopy and I don’t have to worry about trying to find shade, easily folds into the the canopy and has a strap for easy transportation (putting a folding chair back into a bag took way too long and too much work) Cons: It is heavy for a chair


Wagon: Pushing a stroller through grass is not fun especially if you are carrying your chairs. We put our kids into the wagon with our diaper backpack, stack the chairs and just haul them off. Also if you have a cranky kid the wagon is perfect for nap time! I have had my wagon for 3 years and it is going strong. It also has cupholders which you need for all that water you need to bring! I will eventually upgrade to the new ones that have a table when mine gives out lol This wagon is similar to the one I have. This wagon is one I will be upgrading to.

Big Golf Umbrella: Before we would bring our tent but we now bring it for our team so we did not want to carry 2 tents around. Since my chair has its own canopy I dont use it.  But they work great for the kids. I recommend getting a big umbrella because they are compact, easier to transport and to set up and take down. I’m all about minimal work when you have littles!

Picnic Mat ,must be waterproof so you don’t get that mildew smell in your car

Plastic Bags for those muddy games to put the cleats in

What’s in the soccer mom bag?

Besides the basic diaper bag essentials (diapers, wipes , extra clothes, etc…) Here are things I carry:

Snacks, lots of snacks! My snack go to’s are Clif Z Bars, fruit especially bananas, Go-Gurt, Annie’s Cheddar bunnies, Sweetie Pie Organics Tiny Wafers, pickles, and Veggie Straws. I know pickles and bananas sound odd but they are for my athlete and these foods are great for cramping.

Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance: People think I am crazy for this one but this is our bug spray and it is the best bug spray for us. It works better and you can get it cheaper than Off! spray if you buy during sales. You may smell like a cheap hooker (which is why I apply it before we leave the house) but it does wonders! GOOGLE IT


First Aid Kit




Toys: Kids often bring toys to share and play with so I always let them pic 1 or 2 toys to bring for entertainment

Ipad: ok so many parents aren’t thrilled about screen time but hey whatever I can do to entertain my littles so they aren’t running away and I can watch the game I will do

Every year I expand or simplify my list because you learn more as you go on but I hope this helps you first time sports mamas or add to your list to you veteran sports mamas.


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