How Starting a Blog Saved my Marriage

September 13, 2017


My marriage was never as perfect as it seemed. My husband and I got so caught up in life and what we were supposed to do because we are adults and young parents at that. We would be the best parents we could, went to college because it was what we were supposed to do and worked in careers we were not passionate about because it was what we were supposed to do. I know for myself that I dealt with a lot of issues trying to impress society because I was a teen mom and didn’t want to fit the stereotype so I tried to become someone I was not. My husband and I were too young to know what we really wanted to do when we had our first child and our dreams just slipped under the radar. I thought that my kids dreams are now my dreams so I just let mine go.

During our quarter life crisis, Anthony had decided to start a clothing line. Many people just blew it off, but I knew as a wife I was going to be the one to support him. I helped him come up with a name and even wrote out a business plan. The dream just sat there for a year until he decided to take on that first step and researching someone to do the screen printing. So a year later, Krooked Kings was born.

Now this was just the beginning. I was pregnant with Adan and we were having a lot of marital issues where I thought we were not going to make it. One night we had a heart to heart conversation and he had said to me, “I want you to have a dream and be passionate about something.” At first I was upset! How dare he say that when my whole life revolved around the kids and him. All I do is try to be this great mother and wife and help him with his clothing line. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I lost myself trying to please others. When we first got together I had so many dreams and passions and that is who he fell in love with. He wanted me to be more than a great wife and mother. He wanted me to be selfish for once and do something for me. To be clear, he did love who I was and appreciates everything I do for him and the kids and never did I think less. There was just something missing.

I grew up playing softball so I thought I would at least get to play in High school and college, but I had a baby in high school and just gave that up. After Adam I applied and was accepted into FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in San Francisco, but I let that dream go when I couldn’t afford to move to the city even though it was only a 45 min commute from where I lived. Since softball was no longer an option, I then researched fashion schools in good old Austin, TX and guess what it was slim pickins because it was no FIDM.

That’s when I discovered blogging. One night Anthony and I went on a date and I told him my idea of being a fashion mom blogger and he was so excited. That next week he bought me a new laptop, some books on wordpress and even encouraged me to get the premium wordpress lol! The excitement he had for me was my drive and push to start MODISHVEE.

I still get caught up in life but he always tries to keep me on track with my blogging, encourages me to go to events, and he has surprised me with a great camera! When I cracked my phone he surprised me with the iphone 7 plus and is always willing to take as many pictures as I need. 

Our marriage has grown so much and we are both in happy places.  All because he encouraged me to be selfish and find a new passion and start a dream. He brought me out of my shell and made me a better me.


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    September 13, 2017 at 1:49 am

    I went through something similar right after Braden was born. I was filling out an application for a part time job and it asked about hobbies. I had nothing to put there! I was nothing other than a cook and an ass wiper! That was 2009. I ran my first marathon that year and found my new hobby.

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    Jesse Coulter
    September 13, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Love it! Glad you found your passion!

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