My Busy Mom Workout Routine

July 12, 2017

img_06691.jpgPeople often ask me how do I accomplish working out and maintaining a household? I always tell them I just change up my mindset, I don’t think of working out as an optional part of my day. I think of it as a chore that I must accomplish 3 times a week. I clean my house everyday so dedicating one hour to workout is not a big commitment for me.

It has been requested that I post my workout but I’m not going to spill my trainer’s secrets but I will give you my schedule as a base. To be sure we are targeting all parts of our body we usually do about 3-4 exercises that hit the body part or parts of the day so a total of 6-8 for the day. In between each set we have a set cardio plan or abs. Here is my 3 day a week schedule


MONDAY  : Chest, triceps and shoulders

examples of chest: bench press, incline dumbbell press, dumbbell flys

examples of triceps: french curl, dumbbell or band kickbacks, skull crushers

examples of shoulder: arnold press, front raises, lateral raises

Wednesday: Back and biceps

examples of back: deadlift, barbell rows, bent over flys

examples of biceps: curls, hammer curls, ez bar curl

Friday: Legs, legs and more legs

examples of legs: squats, lunges, squat thrust                                                                                 I also like to do cardio that involves legs on leg days to get the extra burn some examples would be KB swing, step up with weights, goblet squats etc…


examples of cardio: mountain climbers, high knees, step ups, or sprint intervals

examples of abs: crunches. hip touches, leg lifts, russian twists

On days I do not workout I like to do something active. Which you may have read from my previous blog Make Time to be Active . I had just had Alix then so I did not have the dedication I have now to hit the gym so now I have incorporated my off days as my active days. It doesn’t have to be strenuous but maybe go for a walk with the kids, mow the lawn, hiking or walking our favorite outdoor mall. I personally like to mix my active time with my kids, we both get exercise, have fun and some great quality time.




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