Labor and Delivery

April 7, 2017

continued from 16 and Pregnant Before it was Glorified …




I run out the bathroom and tell my mom something weird came out as I was peeing. I showed her and she had no clue what it was. My mucus plug was clear and from what I hear most have a pink tint. My dad told me to go lay down and relax and he will bring me an orange. As I am eating this orange I started to feel a pain in my lower stomach and then it went away. 10 minutes later it happens again… I yell for my dad and tell him what is happening so he calls Labor and Delivery right away. As soon as he gets them on the phone he hands it to me. I explained what happened in the bathroom to the nurse and she informs me that it was likely my mucus plug. I explained the pain and as I am explaining it I get another and she then asks me to start timing them as she proceeds to ask me more questions. During all the preliminary questions we timed my contractions at every 8-10 minutes. She then tells me to come into the hospital and they will check everything out. As soon as I get off the phone I tell my parents they want me to come in. In the back of my head I am thinking no way the baby can come today I am not due for another week and Anthony isn’t here yet. My mom then starts freaking out “No we are not ready for a baby I can’t take you” then she yells to my dad “Patrick you take her”

I called Anthony right away and said we are heading to the hospital and then he freaks out because he is not in California yet and his flight isn’t for another week. My dad packed up the van with all my bags. Since it was my first baby I had to make sure I got everything on the checklist, I had at least 3 bags hahaha! My dad heads to the hospital and I remember yelling at him because he was not going fast enough or he was braking too fast and my contractions were getting worst. (really it was just me not him hahaha)  We get to the hospital and my dad gets a wheelchair and pushes me to Labor and Delivery. I check in with the nurse and she takes me to a room to sit and starts asking me a million question that I swore I answered over the phone. “How far apart are your contractions?” and blah blah blah. I was wondering why they don’t they have a comfy bed waiting for me?! What felt like an hour later but was in reality probably 5 minutes they take me to a bed and have me get in a gown. A Doctor comes in to do the measurements and says “You are 3 centimeters dilated, you are in active labor” she then leaves the room and I burst in tears. Remember I said that I felt like it was all surreal and I was in denial? Well that is when reality finally hit me that I was having a BABY!

My dad had to leave me alone to pickup my mom but my mom had called her whole family to tell them I was in labor. First to show up was my cousin and her boyfriend and they brought themselves Taco Bell… If you are familiar with labor you are not allowed to eat at all… also they went into my room what made it even more awkward was I barely knew her boyfriend. Oh and cherry on top it was wildcard weekend and he turned on the TV as I am in labor we are watching the Falcons v Rams… Only 16 and not wanting to be rude I didn’t say anything but was really irritated. Then I hear more visitors are here to see me… so those 2 get kicked out and you think I am saved by the bell but then walks in my godmother and uncle Mark. I was relieved to see them but my uncle Mark is like a Chandler Bing that makes bad jokes at bad times. Uncle Mark walks in and says “You should name the baby Mark Anthony hahahahaha” my contraction chart jumped through the roof and my Nina yells “get out you are making it worst!”

Shortly after the Doctor comes in to break my water. That was super uncomfortable I just remember water gushing and my bed being soaked. so they changed everything immediately. Besides family members coming in and out and having the most painful contractions next I remember is getting my epidural. By this time I had everyone kicked out of my room except for my cousin Elena and my Nina. Doctors would come in and check my cervix constantly and for about 7 hours and a shift change I was stuck at 6 centimeters. Doctor looked at me concerned and asked if they popped my water bag. I told them yes they did and I know I remember because my bed was soaked. She feels around again and says wow you have another water bag and pops it so once again soaked bed. Then within minutes I jumped to 10 centimeters and I was ready to push. Then all of a sudden I hear a microwave in my room and the smell of popcorn takes over my room. I turn and there is my mom making effin popcorn I then yell “what are you doing?! I am in labor!” My Nina kicks my mom out of the room and of course that turned into some drama but I did not care because I was ready to push. But seriously who goes into a labor and delivery room to make some damn popcorn!

Now the fun part was the pushing. If I remember correctly I pushed for at least 5 hours but it felt like eternity. My Nina counted so loud nurses from other rooms came in and said “you are counting for the whole floor” lol I remember screaming “I’m done I just want to go home he is not coming out I’m done” and crying my eyes out. The pain wasn’t bad it was just so exhausting and I just wanted to rest. Finally at 2:43 am after 17 hours of labor Adam was here.

I don’t remember what was being said by everyone all I remember is holding him and feeling extremely blessed. Sounds totally cliche but I really forgot about the pain and being tired after I held him. I felt that I was really meant to be his mother even though I was so young.

After the glorious labor they took us to our suite in the postpartum newborn floor. I was lucky enough to get a shared room because that’s all they had available. There were 3 beds for 3 lucky new moms but luckily I did not have to share it because it wasn’t that busy of a day. Adam was so good I was able to get some good sleep and then I was woken up 7 hours later and they had a room ready for just me. So I got upgraded and I was able to shower and relax or so I thought. There was visitor after visitor after visitor and between trying to entertain people, learning to nurse and taking my vitals every few hours was so exhausting. That evening though we got good news we would be able to go home. I was so happy that I wouldn’t have to stay a night and could just go home. So I packed up and was ready to go and then the nurse comes into to tell me that Adam’s bilirubin was high (sign of jaundice) so we would have to stay overnight. Total bummer!

Next thing I know they are bringing in UV lights to go over his bed and an eye mask and told me he had to stay in there as much as possible, that even if he cries I had to leave him. He cried and screamed for an hour. Watching him cry was so overwhelming and I felt like such a terrible new mother plus the added exhaustion added more fuel to the fire. I was an emotional wreck. Then nurses continued to come in and out making me go for walks and having to leave him oh and let’s not forget my dad who made me watch the newborn channel nonstop! I watched the episodes of SIDS at least 5 times and he would quiz me and tell me I need to pay attention but what I really wanted was to hold Adam and sleep. I know my dad meant well and it is super sweet of him but at the time he was on my last teenage nerve.

Eventually we got his bilirubin under control and it was night time and time to sleep. My dad stayed the night with me but slept very heavily and my overnight nurse kept trying to convince me to have her take Adam to the nursery but I watched all these shows about people stealing babies from the hospital and it made me uneasy. While I was nursing Adam in the middle of the night she came in with a bottle and told me that he needed more. Now I wasn’t an expert at the time but she insisted she feed him to let me “rest” so she took him, made herself comfortable and started bottle feeding him. I was really uncomfortable but didn’t know how to speak up. Also I thought I was being paranoid. Then she started asking me why I had him so young and what were my plans and blah blah blah… then she made this comment about how her children being in their 30’s and wishing that they would have kids soon. That was the point where I thought ok this is way too weird. Her to be talking down on me, while feeding my baby and telling me she wants grandchildren. I got out of bed and grabbed him and said we were fine and she could leave. After that incident I kept Adam by my side every second and did not sleep.

Morning came, my dad woke up early, got me some breakfast and then let me take a nap. I got woken up by a nurse telling me to walk and watch the newborn channel some more 😒 but after 20 mins she came in and said pack your things you are going home! I was discharged an hour later and went home to my bed and slept.


My first year of being a teen mom will be in a future post so stay tuned!

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    April 16, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    That had to be so hard without Anthony there. And for him to be stuck in a different time zone unable to get to you guys. Difficult on both sides.

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