Spring Break Staycation

March 22, 2017


It is nearly impossible for Anthony to get Spring Break off so we never get to take a trip. That means I have to entertain all 3 kids. It is quite the challenge when you have a baby, toddler and a tween. They all just have different taste on “fun” Some days I was able to please all kids and some days my tween was just tagging along but he really enjoyed his staycation. Here are some things we did to survive Spring Break Staycation.

Sleepovers are great. Chances are there is another tween who didn’t leave town. For half of Spring Break but not consecutively Adam had a friend sleep over or he slept over at a friend’s. We would basically just switch shifts when it was time to pick up. These days were easy, either I was down a child or I had an extra to keep the other entertained. Since they are older you can just send them outside to play during the day. The days that Adam was at a friend’s house I would just take my littles to the library and park. They are free and my kids love it! We could spend half the day at the library reading and playing with toys. The only not so fun part is Alix thinks its a fun game to run away so you can chase her up and down the aisles. I try to teach them library etiquette and they know the rules but kids will be kids.

One day we went to our local zoo. You would think because we live in Austin we would have a big zoo but we have basically a petting zoo with some rescue animals. I had a Groupon so we got in for half the cost. The problem with the zoo was since it was so small it was crowded and with the crowd we were unable to feed some animals because they did not want our food. This is the one thing on our staycation I would’ve changed. I would take the time to go to Waco or San Antonio which has bigger zoos and it would’ve entertained Adam. My littles did have a great time it is not everyday they get to see llamas, tigers, monkeys and lions. My tween made the best of it.

Adam is a bit of a foodie. He loves trying out new places to eat and since we are in the suburbs, going to eat in Austin is a special treat. Knowing that food wouldn’t entertain my littles I googled some kid friendly places to eat that had a playground. We ended up at Phils Ice House for some burgers, right next door to it is Amy’s Ice Cream and outside is a playground. It was a decent day to be outside so we enjoyed our burgers, I let the kids play and then we enjoyed some ice cream, and of course played again before heading home. This little outing satisfied all the kids on my list and I only spent $30.


Spring Break = SXSW and being next door to AustinĀ I thought we could take advantage of it and it would be fun for the kids to get a taste of it. I did not take them anywhere crazy just somewhere a little low key which was my fave place to take the kids, South Congress! Good food, live music, candy shop and fun shops to look around in. Adam had brought a friend who had never been so it was quite an experience for him. I did my basic route Big Top Candy Shop, Home Slice and Tom’s Coffee shop and of course we explored stores in between, listened to some music while eating our pizza and took some fun mural pics. Again another fun outing for under $30. We spent 3 hours just hanging out and all the kids had fun.



The final day of Spring Break came as a surprise to us. My amazing husband planned a trip to Sweet Berry Farm! In my previous blog “Fall in the ATX” this is where we went to the pumpkin patch and got to do a lot of fun things. In the Spring they have Strawberry picking! My family could live off strawberries so of course this was like a candy store to them. We ended up with 10 lbs! It was the mother in law’s birthday so we brought her along. Not only can you pick strawberries there, they also have a tractor train, paint-a-pot, goats to feed, horses to pet, but my favorite and must is their strawberry popsicles.

Evenings we tried to have a little fun when Anthony was off work too. We would go to a park, kids played on the playground, Dad and Adam played soccer and we would go out to dinner. Spring break can be fun without the vacation. There is plenty in your area to explore and have fun.


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