The Yoga Pants Minivan Driving Mom

March 19, 2017

IMG_5817I’ve always had this vision that I would be the Lululemon wearing and Range Rover driving SAHM. Now I am a basic yoga pants wearing minivan driving SAHM. I do own 2 pair of Lulus so I guess I am halfway to my vision haha. But the minivan was totally unexpected. We were looking at SUVS when I fell in love with the minivan. The space you get, All the extras like leather seats, DVD player, auto doors had me sold! Especially since it was half the price of a basic model SUV.  I always swore to myself I would never be a yoga pants wearing mom no matter what. Up until 2016 I was a fulltime working mom. My previous position was totally casual dress and before that it was strictly professional so I was so used to wearing heels everyday and I loved it. Now I am a stay at home mom and when I decided to stay home I vowed to never be the SAHM who went out in yoga pants. fast forward 1 year later it is definitely my go to pants lol. They are easy to clean off the food your child just smeared on you, comfy and versatile. They work well with chasing your toddler down at the playground. Gigi Hadid made athleisure cool so I am very fashionable thanks to her. I like to pair my leggings with a pair of Nike shoes or Birkenstocks. Who has time to do hair? I don’t!  So a mom bun or hat it is. I nurse and I hate bras so you will most likely see me in a sports bra or bralette. Did I just leave the gym? or finish a yoga class? Odds are I just left the grocery store LOL! Practicality made me the mom I am today and I am not ashamed. I own the yoga pants and minivan and you other mama’s should do the same! Embrace it!



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