Why I decided to be SAHM

February 10, 2017

When we found out I was pregnant with Alix we were excited but then came the dark cloud of “what will we do for childcare?, can we afford 2 kids in childcare? is it worth it?” That is when we decided that it would be better if I was to stay home. When it was just Adan 75% of my income was going to gas for work, our car payment, and daycare. I only had $900 left on my car, I would eliminate the childcare bill and gas to and from work so it made the most sense. We paid off my car so we did not have any recurring debt while I was on a “hiatus” from being a working mom.

This morning I was inspired to write this blog because I walked out the bathroom and my 3 year old snuck into my bed and cuddled his baby sister. She woke up smiled and hugged him. That is when I realized it is moments like this that I was meant to be here with them. I get to see them grow and learn together, I am here when they are sick, I can teach them and we get to make memories everyday together. If they were in daycare they would be in different rooms and only get to spend time together when we are home but because I am home they have become best friends. Some people may frown upon that because they may not want to play with other kids, yes Alix is a little shy but still young, but Adan is a social butterfly and loves to make new friends wherever we go. Family is so important to my husband and I and even if they were attached I would be content with that because sometimes you just need your sibling as your BFF.

When I was working I didn’t get to be there for my now 12 year old. Our afternoons were busy with soccer practice, dinner and just making it enough time to sleep at a decent hour. When he was sick I had to leave him home alone so that I could save my PTO for when Adan was sick. During the summers he was home alone and I had to prep meals for him and he would have to stay indoors all day.Late night last minute projects are now a thing of the past. Now that I am home I have his afterschool meal ready, I can talk about his day when he gets home, I’m here for sick days and summer fun.

Money was the reason I stayed home but now that I look back on it there was such a more deeper meaning to it. Some moms have great careers and career aspirations but now that I have been home my aspirations is being a great wife and mom. Now I am not shaming working moms, they rock! They can balance that working mom life and that is amazing! As for me SAHM is where my heart is.


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    February 10, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    I was a SAHM for 7 years, and it was totally about money. However, I wouldn’t take it back. I really miss those years.

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