New Year, Same Me? New Year, New You?

January 4, 2017


Well it is 2017 and I am the same person however I did set me some goals for the year to help me grow as a person and a mother. Here are my “New Year’s Resolutions”


  1. Be more handy: So I have been quite the lucky gal for having my dad do anything that required building, fixing or anything to do with tools with me since I was little.  I met and have been with Anthony since I was 14 so naturally when we moved in together he became my “handy man” and because of that I never had the interest to even learn how to put a toy together. So this year I will learn to be “Handy Mommy”fullsizerender2. Start and complete a Bullet Journal: This article is perfect at explaining the “Bullet Journal”  I am an organized mother and I am a planner however sometimes my plans fall through. sometimes it’s stuff out of my control and sometimes it is just me being lazy. So to overcome the lazy I have decided to go the bullet journal route so I can plan and complete weekly tasks and goals. This is also a great way to make minor weekly goals to help you accomplish your main goal or resolution. example: If your New Year Resolution is to get in shape you can make a daily goal to workout 3 times a week. The short term workout goal will help you with your overall resolution.fullsizerender3. Educate myself on an overall healthy lifestyle: In my house we have accomplished eating right and being active. Which is a great start, however this year I want to educate myself in depth about living the healthy lifestyle.

          4.Grow a garden: Now that I am a homeowner and I am a stay at home mom I finally have            the space and time to start a garden. I also think it is a great learning opportunity for the kids.

It is never too late to set “resolutions” and goals. I honestly never set a resolution but I felt with after the stress of the holidays it was a great way to take the opportunity to better myself and grow. I have something to grow towards in 2017 and that gives me the determination to accomplish these goals.

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