My First Year as a SAHM

January 4, 2017

7_12_2013_1_35_32_792Congrats to me for my first SAHMiversay! This year was definitely my trial year. I did not realize how difficult it would be being a stay at home mom. I thought working 40 hours and being a mom was difficult but boy do I miss breaks! My toddler definitely tested me this year. between double diaper duty, being a nursing mom and potty training it was quite a challenge. Not to mention one of my fur babies had 11 PUPPIES! To put the cherry on top of my year my mother in law had hip replacement surgery and I spent 2 1/2 months commuting 30 mins to her house to help her out and then having to be home by 3:30 pm to take my 11 year old to soccer practice. During surgery recovery time I also had to plan a birthday party and really I am amazed I did that because I had only 3 days before the birthday party to actually put it together. So I guess you can say my year was a bit unusual. LOL  BUT I SURVIVED.

Despite all that there were plenty of great times. I have grown such a greater bond with my kids and they have grown such a great bond with each other. I am there for them when they reach milestones, when they are sick, take them to after school sports and doctor appointments. My littles are so close that even big brother Adan would get excited when his baby sister reached milestones! My husband and kids seem to have grown such a respect for me and that itself is a great feeling. Not having to worry about calling in because of a sick child or stress about childcare for spring, summer and holiday breaks was such a blessing. Being a hands on mom is such a great experience. I wish I would’ve done it 11 years ago!

Some things I wish I would’ve done before I made the decision to stay home would have been saving. I decided I would not go back to work when Alix was already a few weeks old and I did not save to prepare myself financially. I didn’t save before baby or look into ways to save money shopping at the beginning. I had to learn on my own about grocery shopping my weekly ads, buying in bulk and researching prices on things I need. I would just go to the store and buy. It wasn’t until our money was tight that I learned all of this. So if you are planning to take the leap and stay home I definitely recommend researching ways to save and just start saving money while you can.

I was such a hands on mom this year that I neglected blogging so this year I have made it a goal of mine to post at least twice a week so you will be seeing content regularly. Thanks to everyone who have and continue to check out my blog. 2016 was a great year!




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