Joaquin Christmas Tradition

December 14, 2016

I love hearing about Christmas traditions from different families so I thought I would share ours. On Christmas Eve after our extended family dinner and gift exchange we have a little tradition of our own. I let the kids open one gift it’s nothing big at all just their Christmas pajamas with their favorite┬ámovie night snacks. We are trying to build our Christmas movie collection so I always buy a new Christmas movie every year. We then get in our PJs, make some popcorn, bake Santa some cookies and bake a little treat for ourselves. One year we did rice krispy treats and last year we did pretzels with kisses and and m&ms. We make a huge bed on our living room floor and watch movies until we fall asleep. ┬áThe tricky part of this is you have to make sure the kids are asleep so they don’t catch Santa putting out the presents. If we are lucky the kids will sleep in til 5 am! We have had mornings where they wake up at 3 am seen Santa had came and were ready to open gifts. We spend all Christmas day in our PJs and I make the kids reindeer pancakes for breakfast. We don’t plan an elaborate dinner. We have a buffet of microwavables for dinner which include wings, mozzarella sticks, taquitos, and french fries. Pretty much a buffet of crap. Our kids seem to enjoy that more than the fancy stuff we cook. This year we are planning on having a nice Christmas feast with our neighbors and I am really excited about that! So this year we will do a lunch buffet of crap! I love hearing about different traditions and sometimes I will even incorporate them in my own.





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