A Broke Witches Halloween

November 11, 2016

Since I have been a SAHM I have thought of ways to be frugal and save money. Of course that means I DIY!  Halloween costumes aint cheap and I am not one to spend $40 on my 11 year old BOY for a costume that he is going to wear for a few hours to go Trick or Treating for $5 worth of candy. Nor for my 9 month old who cant even eat candy. So this year I did some DIY or just got plain creative. For Adam’s first Halloween party we decided to go pop culture. so here he is as A$AP Rocky. all it took was some creativity from the closet.



For a more school and trick or treating approach we put together a tourist costume. My husband also got in on it!

And for Alix I just made her a black cat costume. All it took was some ears, a black onesie, black feather boa, leg warmer I made from her old leggings and some make up. I only spent $5 and 10 minutes to make it! I decided to match her when we went Trick or Treating but I used an old black morph suit, did my hair for ears, leftover black feather boa and of course make up.


The only kid I went all out on a costume was for Adan. When I say all out I mean I couponed a $30 costume from Target to only $11! IMG_4919.JPG

For our adult Halloween costumes we went has Kim and Kanye! If you do not know my husband has a clothing brand named Krooked Kings. He simply just distressed a big tee for me and I got to wear my Aldo boots that I’ve only worn 3 times in the last 4 years! He simply just got creative in his closet


This was prob our best Halloween yet and I am def staying on this DIY kick next year!


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