Water Play = Yoga Time

June 8, 2016

I love doing yoga in the morning especially on a nice summer morning on my deck. Some days Adan wants to join me but other days he just wants to play. If I let him roam the backyard 90% of the time his curiosity gets him in trouble. I had to think of a fun activity he can do next to me that would allow me to get a good yoga session in. I have not invested in a water sensory table yet so I had to make do with what I had. I grabbed a plastic container drawer and filled it half way with water. I went to the kitchen for cups, bowls, funnels, spoons and tupperware. I threw all of it into my make shift water sensory bin. It is safe to say he had a blast because I only expected to get 30 mins of play and yoga but it turned into 2 hours of fun. It also kept “Baby Sister” entertained just watching him. I only did yoga for 30 minutes and used the extra time to relax!


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