Scavenger Hunt Walk

May 24, 2016

Today I thought I would change up our mile walk. Although I would not get a great heart rate going I decided we would do a scavenger hunt for fun. Everyday when we go for a walk Adan is always pointing out and asking about stuff so I decided to make it fun for him. Pinterest has some great print outs when it comes to scavenger hunts for kids but I decided that I would draw and make my own that fit our neighborhood. I decided I wanted to make it visual and simple since he is just 2. We had a little drawing session making it which made it even more fun. He drew his fave disney characters while I came up with the list, I came up with things we see everyday and he had a blast looking for it. He even kept checking the list to make sure he knew what he was looking for. He cant read yet but somehow he was able to read my pictures lol I am no artist whatsoever but I made it work. We had so much fun doing it that I think I will do it once a week but with different categories like bugs, cars etc… I would do it everyday but this mama needs to get some exercise in LOL

Here is our list:

I did not put it in any particular order and we were all over the board when it came to finding them





Yellow Flower




Just checking our list


Red flower




Mission Complete!


***BONUS they were both ready to nap when we got home which is why I am currently blogging LOL

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