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April 22, 2016

I love free stuff! Especially when it is useful. I am a nursing mom and I thought Adan would be my last child so I got rid of all my baby stuff including my breast pump. Breast pumps are not cheap, especially the electric ones and I refuse to use manual. I have never been a fan of Obamacare for many reasons but I found one thing I did like insurance supplied breast pumps. I found out about this after I had Alix but still qualified.Of course to take advantage of these it all depends on your insurance provider. I went through my insurance website (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and I was directed to the company Aeroflow. They offer brand name breast pumps like


Medela Breast Pumps

Ameda Breast Pumps

Hygeia Breast Pumps


Tomy Breast Pumps



and the process was easy. I went to http://www.breastpumps.aeroflowinc.com/qualify-through-insurance/ and filled out the claim form. I chose the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set

Included with the Pump In Style Advance Starter Set:

  • Double Electric Breastpump
  • Double pumping kit with 24 PersonalFit breastshields, includes connectors, valves, membranes and tubing
  • 2 breast milk collection containers with lids
  • 9 volt AC adaptor

They also offer upgrade packages at a discounted price.

Within 3 days I received an email from a representative for additional information. They then contacted my doctor to verify that I had indeed had a baby. If you are pregnant they will call your OBGYN to confirm pregnancy so you can get it before baby comes. That same day I received an email saying that they will be shipping my breast pump. They shipped it on a Tuesday and I received it on Friday and I didn’t have to pay a dime! The only downside was it was a 2 week process but for free it was totally worth while!


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