Ruidoso, New Mexico

March 25, 2019

IMG_6170We kicked off New Years Day 2019 on a road trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico. It is a 9 hour drive from our house in Round Rock, Texas. We had this trip planned for over 8 months and boy did we get lucky! The week before we arrived there was a big storm so we had arrived to plenty of snow! The best part about this trip we spent only about $500. Which included gas, food and entertainment.


We stayed at 4 Bears Cabin we rented through airbnb with arrival on the 1st – January 5th. The cabin was beautiful, it had 3 floors, 5 bedrooms and 9 beds in total. So even though there was 14 of us we all had our own space. The location was beautiful and on a hill. The cabin had sleds so when we were not out and about we had plenty to do. We woke up to snow every morning and deer hanging out around our cabin. When we got back from the casino we were greeted by wild horses! We fed them all the fruit we had hahha they were super friendly


Now I am going to give you the secrets and breakdown of our trip.

1st secret was driving. Gas is cheaper than flights AND the closest airport would still be a 2 hour drive so we would have had to get rental cars.

We planned on splitting the cabin between 5 families but my in laws were amazing and covered the cabin

The rest of the family was responsible for food. We split by each family cooking 1 breakfast and 1 dinner and lunch was a free for all. Each family brought a case of water and snacks between their family. That was a huge money saver!

I had bought Anthony and Adam’s lift tickets for Ski Apache weeks in advance for the both of them to have a 2 day lift pass was $189 total. When we got there, because of the snow, the tickets were up at $100 a day! Like I said before, we got lucky! It also helps that I am a planner and bought in advance. I did not go snowboarding because I did not want to drive up to the mountains with the kids and in case they didn’t like it I would have to cater to them while the boys played. So we stayed at the cabin, built a snowman and sled down the hill. They had a blast!

On the days the boys were not snowboarding we just hung out and one day we went to the casino. Anthony and I made our limit at the casino $40 and we lost that quick hahahah!


DAY 1: Arrival

DAY 2: Snowboard (I hung out with littles at the cabin)

DAY 3: Snowboard (I hung out with littles at the cabin)

DAY 4: Hang out, explore and casino

DAY 5: Go home

TRIP Cost Breakdown

Food: $60

Lift Tickets: $189

Gas: $107.

Misc.: $161

TOTAL $517

If we had to split the cabin our portion would’ve been about $450 which would’ve brought the total to $967 





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