Formulate Hair Product Review

March 15, 2019


Top knots, baseball hats and short hair is a mom staple and not just because they are super easy with minimal effort. Here are my top 2 reasons why I had my hair up or short post kids

Reason 1 Baby spit up and toddler fingers are less likely to end up in my hair. I say less likely because anything is possible when you have kids. (You would be surprised where you find spit up sometimes) Some days you start off with beautiful straightened or curly hair and then SPIT happens. We don’t have time to wash our hair out right away so top knot to the rescue! The top knot just conceals the dirty eventually you figure out you have that rotten milk smell in your hair hahahaa

Reason 2 Mom hair fall out! Pregnancy hair is amazing thick and full (just like the boobies! side note I wish I could keep pregnancy hair and boobs forever AHAHAHA) But once baby is here say bye bye to that big beautiful hair. It doesn’t happen all at once but for a good year you watch your beautiful locks fall out like a shedding dog.


I am 3 years post baby and I am just getting my hair back before baby! So it has been a long hair journey! Recently, I tried out Formulate, they are a COMPLETELY personalized hair care formula. Basically you do an online survey about your hair. You tell them the good, bad and ugly. They have a variety of scents and you choose which one sounds the most appealing. Submit and they will create your own SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER! because it is customized it does take a little longer to receive BUT the results are amazing!!!!!


[wpvideo y2AxwUQw]

After just 2 washes I felt a complete difference in my hair. It was full, dandruff free and it smelt fresh for days (My husband’s loves to smell my hair now LOL ) I finally “let my hair down” and am now rockin the long full hair without a baseball hat and only top knottin by choice! I wish I would’ve discovered this right after I had my Alix so I would have my hair confidence sooner. I started bringing the bottles with me to my hair appointments for my stylist to use and she immediately noticed the difference! It took her twice the amount of time to dry my hair from just a month before which is a good problem to have!


Formulate was so great to work with. They would check to make sure I was enjoying and gaining all the benefits and I was lucky enough to have a great formula from the beginning. They told me if I would have any issues that they would send me a new custom product that would work best for me. Great products with great people behind the products is hard to find and I am so thankful I got to be apart of Formulate!

        Before Formulate               3 weeks after Formulate



I want to spread the hair cheer! I have teamed up with Formulate to give one of my lucky followers a FREE set of personalized  shampoo + conditioner (a value of $59 !!) . To enter CLICK HERE. Good Luck!


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    Laura Adney
    March 18, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    I got to try for my hair, love changing my hair care routine up constantly

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