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February 25, 2019

Morning routines and kids take a lot of patience, careful planning and execution. I have my system down to a science (for the most part). Some days I turn my alarm off, my tiny food critics decide breakfast is not up to standards and I have to remake breakfast, one of the kids decides it’s a great time to have an accident haha etc… Point is sometimes I have to cut corners or extreme multitask just to get out of the house in time. Some of my greatest multitasking involves brushing my teeth and cooking, cleaning and getting the kids dressed. It sounds impressive but really I am not giving my teeth the attention it needs. My mind is a billion places and I am not brushing like I should, I get distracted and focus on one side or I am rush brushing. Mom or not I am sure I am not the only one who does this haha

A few months ago I collaborated with Smile Brilliant and their teeth whitening system. And Holy Moly the results were amazing! Now I am the proud owner of the Caripro electric toothbrush from Smile Brilliant.

Let me tell you how this toothbrush is a game changer! It has 5 different modes!!!!! Clean, white, massage, gum care and sensitive. So whatever your teeth needs are they are covered.

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This is the base setting for the toothbrush. It gives your teeth a good basic clean just like any other toothbrush would.


This setting is my fave! I use this every other day in the morning. I often alternate between this setting and clean because this setting is a bit tougher as it is designed to give the power so you can get a nice clean smile.


This mode is to massage the gums. It is only 30 seconds. I use this mode 3 times a week in the evening when I have a little extra time to tend to my teeth. This combination with Clean is my evening go to.

Gum Care

This mode is designed to work along the gum line. I use this mode as much as I can because it is like getting a quick floss in.


This mode is for anyone who has sensitive gums or feels that electric toothbrushes are too powerful. I have only tested this mode because I like a powerful brush.

But my favorite part is that after 30 seconds it pauses to let you now to focus on another side! So when I am multitasking I can also give my teeth the attention it deserves.

I am so obsessed with this toothbrush. It makes brushing your teeth so easy and is convenient when the toothbrush does all the work! And I can’t forget how incredible my teeth look and feel!

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I highly recommend the CariPro toothbrush! Luckily it is super affordable and even luckier I will be giving one to one of my followers CLICK HERE TO BE ENTERED

If you need this toothbrush NOW Smile Brilliant is giving my readers 20% off with code: modishveetb20

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