January 16, 2019


We are 2 weeks into 2019 and I am finally getting back in the groove post Holiday and vacation. Are you ready for the 2019 cliche Goals blog post? hahahaaha I do not consider them goals rather a lifestyle and mindset change. I also do not like the pressure of putting a timeline on my goals. I like to take the slow road and see what the year has to offer. So without further ado here they are.

  1. BLOG MORE! same goal different year hahahaa I get off track because I put my family time before blogging. Now that Adan is adjusting to school schedule I think I will be able to manage
  2. SORORITY MOMS I have started a clothing line and I have put it on the backburner for sometime but I want to have a release date ASAP I have my designs and some shirts made it is just a matter of getting my photoshoot and website together.
  3. BUDGET TO SAVE I want to get better at budgeting. Every year I learn more but I budget to survive but now it is time to learn to budget to save. My husband has a clothing business and we mix up the incomes and I want to learn to keep them separated.
  4. INVEST I do not just want to save now I also want to save for the future so learning to invest this year is a main goal
  5. TAKE CLASSES Back to budgeting I really want to take courses. Not to obtain any degree but to learn more about accounting to be better at budgeting and be able to do the books for my husband and I’s business ventures.
  6. READ I’ve been addicted to audiobooks. Mainly self development, they have really helped me better understand the people around me and myself.  I have “read” 3 so far but I want to read at least 2 a month.
  7. SKINCARE Moving to Texas has done a number on my skin. Particularly my face. I also learned that my Pacific Islander skin needs special love haha so I want improve my skin and be able to maintain so I can look forever 25.
  8. MAKEUP I am terrible at doing my makeup and the time has come that I learn some technique. I want to at least perfect an everyday look and a going out look.
  9. BODY GOALS Last year I made a goal to stay active. Now that I have been able to balance home and gym life it is time to have a body goal. The plan is to tighten and tone!
  10. REBRAND MODISHVEE I want to drop the MODISH and just be Vee. I do not want to be just known as a modern day mom and just as myself with family.

These are the base goals for 2019 but I am sure they will change as the year goes by! If I fall off people please feel free to message me and call me out. haha Good luck to everyone on their goals and stay tuned!

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