Being a Real Real Blogger in 2019

January 11, 2019

IMG_6300.JPGI am the worst blogger. I do not post as much as I should nor do I take the time to take the perfect picture of my children and I doing fun activities. In 2018 I made a goal to blog at least once a week but I failed miserably and I do not regret it. I spent most days living in the moment and finding time to take care of myself mentally and physically. Instead of waking up early to blog I spent most mornings at the gym and did not stay up late to blog because I chose sleep to have the energy to get to the gym. At one point I tried to juggle all at once but I was so emotionally and physically drained. To be honest I was trying to “Keep up with the Jones'” of blogging. Looking how many likes and sponsorshipsĀ  other mom bloggers were bringing in made me envious. I took the time to reevaluate my life. I had been adding on extra stress for no reason and needed to live my life more simple. Instead of trying to impress or please others I feel I just need to find the joy in sharing my life again without the added pressure of comparing myself to other bloggers success. I still very much enjoy doing collaborations but now I am more choosey on who I work with. For now I am just sharing brands I personally use and that add purpose to my life without sponsorships or collaborations because I want to share the real Joaquin life.

As far as the perfect picture of the kids it’s basically impossible so I just capture my kids doing what they do freely if I am not engaging with them. I tried taking them fun places and getting pictures but they weren’t having fun and I was getting frustrated. It was literally sucking the fun out of everyone. When I reevaluated my blog life I realized I just need to live and capture any picture that captures the moment without it being staged.

Sometimes blogging isn’t about perfection. It’s about sharing your life with others so they can connect with the real you. Giving advice to people who have a similar life struggle that you have/had, sharing ideas whether it be an outfit, child activity, workouts, meal prepping etc… Blogging is a powerful resource to get advice. I know sometimes late at night when I am trying to fall asleep at 10 pm and a random thought comes up that I must google that second like “Best road trips from Austin” Google will show me blogs from real people with great options and advice. That is the kind of resource I want to be. So my 2019 Blog goal is now to always be real and share all that is real.

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